4 Coastline and Water Styles

4 Coastline and Water Styles - Featured Image

For this tutorial I sketched the examples below using Procreate, using the ‘Narinder Pencil’ in the ‘Sketching’ brush library, on my iPad with my Apple Pencil (1st gen).

Style 1

This style is the simplest and easiest to draw. Simply add a few, spaced out, short lines following the curves of your coast.

4 Coastline and Water Styles - Style 1 - 2 Steps

Style 2

For this second style draw similar length lines along your coast for waves but draw them closer together. You want much smaller gaps between the lines than the previous style.

4 Coastline and Water Styles - Style 2 - 3 Steps

Add a second layer of lines (step 3), slightly offset from the edges of the first layer. I drew this layer with a smaller size brush with lower opacity in Procreate. You could, on paper, use lighter pressure or a different pencil or pen for these lines instead.

Coastline and Water style 2 - stages animated gif

Style 3

For this style the steps are much the same as style 2, the difference is that you want to draw a continuous line as opposed to multiple lines/waves close together.

4 Coastline and Water Styles - Style 3 - 3 Steps

Again I used a smaller brush size and a lower brush opacity for the second layer/ (step 3).

Coastline and Water style 3 - stages animated gif

Style 4

For this final style, I drew a slightly more random collection of lines for the waves, still following the shape and line of the coast. I also used a much lighter brush to draw the waves and I gradually reduced the pressure on my pencil the further the lines got from the coast.

4 Coastline and Water Styles - Style 4 - 2 Steps

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