Drawing Forests On A Fantasy Map – 3 Styles

Forests Tutorial - Forests

In this tutorial, I will be showing you how to draw forests on your fantasy map in three styles!

Style 1

This first style uses repeated tree shapes to create a forest. You can use shapes shown in the first example to create a traditional forest style and use the second, rectangular style of tree, to create evergreen forests on your fantasy map.

Start from the bottom of your forest and build your trees up layer by layer into a forest. add small lines under the bottom of the lowest layer of trees to add the tree trunks.

Style 2

For this style of drawing forests, simply draw the outline of your forest, trying not to draw too many straight lines (you want the borders of your forest to look organicĀ and natural).

Add a few small squiggles on the inside of your forest outline to add a bit of extra detail and texture to your forest.

Style 3

This style for drawing forests is not very different from the previous style.

Draw the outline for your forest again and then draw in small squiggles or curved lines to add detail and texture to your forest. Draw them in layers to create an effect of hill within your forest.

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